Our aim is to provide simple, easy to follow guidance for our clients that can be tailored to all sorts of goals. Everyone is different which is why we offer both bulk purchase recipe books and personalised nutrition consulting.

We understand that our society is a busy one and getting to an appointment can often be a huge barrier to achieving your goals. This is why we run our services online and without appointment times. You will get the support you need without the time constraints making it more achievable to stick to our program with your busy lifestyle.

You will not find any detoxing or elimination of food groups in our programs. We believe in a well-rounded diet that allows you to enjoy your food and achieve your goals at the same time.

The Nutritionist-
Samantha McDonald-

After studying nutrition and exercise science at university my career moved more into the fitness side of health and I began working as a personal trainer. In this time I utilised training techniques in strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting and kickboxing to name a few. After four years in this environment and working closely with my clients, it became obvious that nutritional guidance is the biggest barrier they seem to face. Clients were achieving their strength and conditioning goals but still having trouble in the kitchen. This led me to develop the Transform Nutrition program.

I wanted something that was structured yet easy to follow. I have found the more complex the recipes and advice, the slower the results and the harder it is to stick to. It was also important to me that there be options for people who feel they need more one on one advice and contact. I have seen firsthand that what works for one client may not work for the next. This is why I want my programs to have the option of personalisation and flexibility.

I have seen these programs in action and believe wholeheartedly that what we offer at Transform Nutrition will work for you.